Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why O Why

Well the holidays are over so no more excuses for my pathetic lack of posts. My office has what is called a "reduced holiday schedule" between Christmas and New Year's Day. Because of the way the holidays fell and the two weekends in there, plus a generous helping of vacation days to burn, the last few weeks have meant no work, very low internet usage, lots of debauchery with friends and family, snow tubing, hiking, reading, and, of course, many dog walks and visits to the dog park.

Speaking of Finn, he has had two poop accidents in the house in the last two weeks! I am grateful for the fact that he goes on the wood floor near the front door but not pleased with the fact that I am cleaning up accidents for a 2-year old dog that I considered housetrained. Over the last few months he has been having recurrent bouts of diarrhea along with some itching and a red sore(s) on his lip. So, over the holiday break I did a little bit of investigation and learned that many dogs are allergic to certain ingredients in dog food. I decided to switch his food and though I'm trying to make the transition slowly it seems that his digestive system is still adjusting.

His accidents have been in less than solid form so I'm hoping that he truly couldn't hold it. Of course now I'm concerned that despite my best efforts with Nature's Miracle he is being drawn back to same area of the house and his doggy mind has started to think this is an okay place to go. Sympathies and advice appreciated from all you dog lovers out there!


Yi-Yi said...
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Yi-Yi said...

Hey, nice you meet you! I'm a dog lover too! Anyway, i feel sympathy to you and your dog.. Hopefully your dog recover soon =)